October saw another of our biggest events of the year.

With three espresso coffee machines, three filter coffee stations and five tubs of hot chocolate – Mozfest 2018 was thoroughly caffeinated.

With Ravensbourne College and it’s big famous circle windows playing host to this incredible event, we delivered our 7th annual coffee service, having a lot of fun along the way.

To show you the scale of this event, we have some stats for you below:

A total of 6,700 coffees served.

  • 4,900 espresso based coffees
  • 1,800 filter coffees
  • 25kg of hot chocolate
  • 84kg of coffee beans
  • 800 pints of milk

and 7 event trained baristas to create one flawless event.

If you would like us at your next event, contact us on 0208 540 0167 or email us at events@ristretto.com for your bespoke quote.

Written by Amy King


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