Exceptional Coffee for your Corporate Function

We provide a supreme coffee service at corporate functions to keep companies focused on their core business and desired goals.

  • Assistance from knowledgeable event-planning team
  • Exceed expectations with our seamless service and superb products
  • Produce fast, quality coffee to your guests at high volume

we make coffee for corporate giants at functions across Europe

Rely on our superb coffee service at your Corporate Function

Whether it is a corporate event or charity function, Ristretto takes the edge off business pressures by bringing everybody together with high quality coffee.

Our service creates a relaxing and sociable atmosphere, making it easier to establish new business relationships.

We’ve partnered up with huge brands, such as Renault, Siemens, Credit Suisse, Facebook, Microsoft and Skype, and have secured an ongoing relationship as they relish our commitment and experience.

Let us focus on the coffee while you focus on your event.”

“Ristretto have been great and are always prepared to go the extra mile to ensure we feel well supported during our events. We have enjoyed working with them over the past few years.”

James Duke – Project Manager at 2Heads.

See us in action

at corporate functions across Europe:

Our Coffee Service is Exceptional

Ristretto have worked brilliantly in partnership with William Norris and Company. Both their coffee and support team are exceptional quality and we relish their experience and commitment.”

Lucy, William Norris & Company

  • We are passionate about coffee & use our very own Alchemy Coffee which we began roasting 10 years ago
  • Our customers come back to us because we are organised and reliable
  • Everything we do at Ristretto is designed to enhance your brand with excellent customer service
  • We are truly proud of the quality and ethics behind our coffee service.

And that’s not all…

We like to go above and beyond to make your event perfect

From branded cups and napkins to stencils of your logo for chocolate powder - we can make your coffee service extra special. A popular request for events, Ristretto provide printed 4oz and 8oz quality cups for hot and cold beverages. We also offer customisable coffee bars branded with your company's logo and signature colour to keep you in the spotlight.

Clients can choose from Ristretto’s range of stylish, mobile coffee bars built for high-end espresso service. Without the inconvenience of a mains water connection, all bars contain their own on-board water storage, so you can situate your bar wherever you desire. Water is pumped through a filter system, producing purified quality water.

Wooden bars

With a sophisticated design, our wooden bars are brilliant for giving off a spacious air in small spaces. Its beautiful panels of solid cherry, walnut and oak will attract customers with its homely and intimate presence. They are fully demountable and can be taken apart and put together easily at events.

Illuminated Bars

If you are seeking a vibrant atmosphere, our illuminated bars light up in sixteen eye-catching colours, providing a snazzy touch to your event. Whether it is branded with your company’s logo or with a full wrap-around custom adhesive, these exclusive bars give you the freedom to make it your very own.

Art Deco

Our curved art deco bars turn heads with their elegant style. It is made from stainless steel and glass with sleek classic lines redolent of the twenties and thirties. Its contemporary look will grace your event with a bit of prestige, and the front panel of this bar can be branded to give it a personal touch.

Looking like a pint of Guiness, cold brew coffee is produced from a device much like a beer tap to produce a delicious unique cold brewed coffee with a light foamy head. A sleek tabletop device means these drinks can be produced professionally on stand.

Our brew bars provide a selection of stunning single origin filter coffee from our roaster, Alchemy Coffee. Pour-over brewing provides a no-steam and noiseless service, and is perfect for accentuating Ristretto coffees' intricate aromas and flavours. Catering to all types of events, our brew bars are a peaceful alternative to espresso machines for quiet-natured venues, such as art galleries.

Why not lure customers from far with the aroma of delicious cookies freshly baked at your event. Available in three irresistible flavours, attendees can indulge in a sweet treat to keep them motivated if they are feeling peckish. Our cookies are the perfect addition to a lovely cup of Ristretto coffee!

Whether your attendees need a boost of energy or a shot of nutrition, our tasty smoothie recipes will keep them revived at your event. On the spot, we prepare fruit-packed smoothies with fresh ingredients to provide a healthy and refreshing alternative or addition to coffee.


We are very proud of the service we provide. Here are some testimonials from our happy customers.

I just wanted to say thanks very much to you, and particularly Sarah, who did an excellent job on site, for excellent support on our event.Both clients and guests commented on how good the coffee service was and it kept all us lot going through some long days. We are very much looking forward to working together with you again in the future.”

Joel Swarc, Promotor Events Ltd.


We are very proud of the service we provide. Here are some testimonials from our happy customers.

There is no fear of anything other than the very best from the moment you pick up the phone, to the moment the beans that are specifically roasted for your event to ensure perfection are packed and shipped and then used at show. Then there are the Barista’s, who are so skilled, and so affable that they remember people’s names and orders 12 months after they last served them.”

Chris Cutbush – European Marketing Events Manager, CR Bard


We are very proud of the service we provide. Here are some testimonials from our happy customers.

This is one of those rare occasions when it is an absolute pleasure to pay a bill. We all enjoyed the service you provided. We look forward to seeing you later this month.”

Bill McCabe, Broughton Gallery