Ristretto Espresso Martini Service

Espresso Martini

Party season is fast approaching and we’ve just added one of London’s most iconic cocktails to our menu – The Espresso Martini…

First created by the mixologist legend Dick Bradsell, in a Soho Brasserie on Greek Street in the 1980s, this rich and creamy cocktail is the perfect way to add a little class to your event.

The Ingredients

50ml Alchemy cold brew coffee

50ml Mr Black Coffee Liquor

25ml Vodka or Patron XO Café

Martini glass – shake with ice, garnish with ground espresso add 3 coffee beans and voilà… your perfect Espresso Martini.

If you would like this service at your next event, email us at events@ristretto.com.

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October saw another of our biggest events of the year.

With three espresso coffee machines, three filter coffee stations and five tubs of hot chocolate – Mozfest 2018 was thoroughly caffeinated.

With Ravensbourne College and it’s big famous circle windows playing host to this incredible event, we delivered our 7th annual coffee service, having a lot of fun along the way.

To show you the scale of this event, we have some stats for you below:

A total of 6,700 coffees served.

  • 4,900 espresso based coffees
  • 1,800 filter coffees
  • 25kg of hot chocolate
  • 84kg of coffee beans
  • 800 pints of milk

and 7 event trained baristas to create one flawless event.

If you would like us at your next event, contact us on 0208 540 0167 or email us at events@ristretto.com for your bespoke quote.

Written by Amy King

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How a coffee bar at your exhibition can boost your business leads

After bringing 1678 new leads to our most recent client this week, we felt compelled to update and share this article. So get comfy and enjoy a little consumer psychology.

Two words are key here: Give and take.

Every culture in the world operates by an overwhelming rule – a favour must always be returned. The corollary to this rule is that nobody likes to be in the position where they owe a favour to someone else and they haven’t yet had the opportunity to repay it. It’s just an uncomfortable feeling.


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