Happy 15th Birthday Ristretto!

Ristretto started life as The Daily Grind Trading Company Ltd on 23rd January 2004.

The idea was to provide a service for predominantly corporate clients who wanted to provide high quality coffee at their events. Through their time working in the corporate sector, founders Anne and Joe O’Hara had been subjected to some terrible coffee experiences in meetings, conferences, product launches and trade shows. They just knew it could be done much, much better.

This was at the very start of the 3rd wave in the UK. Flat White in Soho wasn’t to open for another year, most of your favourite London coffee shops weren’t even an idea yet – and everyone told us you can’t move coffee machines around from event to event. Well, that’s where a little ingenuity and persistence paid off. It was a niche service that exposed a demand from an audience that no one else was serving.

It was 2 or 3 years before we bumped into any one else providing anything comparable. By then, we had grown to providing café quality coffee at over 300 events per year not just in London but cities all over the UK, Europe and a few other far-flung places. To date the furthest, we have travelled for our clients is Helsinki in the North and Buenos Aires in the South.

The name-change to Ristretto occurred in 2008, as a result encountering a number of “Daily Grinds” at The London Caffe Culture show – including a Daily Grind Tea company.

This week we are celebrating 15 years of business and taking a look back at some of the amazing events and stats from previous years.

We would also like to take this opportunity to dearly thank anyone and everyone who has been a part of this fantastic journey.



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