Ristretto understands what discerning clients are looking for from a top quality mobile coffee caterer at events and exhibitions. Our aim is to always ensure that when clients choose Ristretto, the seamless service and superb products they receive constantly exceed their expectations.

We also understand that in certain situations, (on an exhibition stand for example) our primary job is to provide marketing and promotion for our clients through our coffee and customer service. To make sure we deliver exactly what the client needs, we are happy to discuss any specific marketing goals well before an event.

caterers & event organisers

Ristretto subcontracts to a number of the UK’s top event organisers and caterers, providing them with the highest quality coffee service and allowing them to concentrate on their core business.

We provide high-end coffee services including after-dinner espresso, outdoor service of cappuccinos, lattes and espressos and coffee catering at private parties. Ristretto can also provide caterers with a range of exceptional filter or cafetiere coffees that they can prepare and serve themselves. We have extensive experience working with other events companies, fulfilling coffee services for corporate, charity government functions, at weddings and backstage for VIP guests at events such as Glastonbury and V Fest.


We are very fortunate to have Ristretto as our exclusive barista/beverage service for back-to-back years during our exhibition at the London Excel Centre. Ristretto not only understands coffee but they understand excellent service."

Luther Jones
Global Trade Show/Events Manager, Gaming Laboratories International

Ristretto have worked brilliantly in partnership with William Norris and Company. Both their coffee and support team are exceptional quality and we relish their experience and commitment."

William Norris & Company

When I was asked to write this reference, I thought that I would just quickly reel off a couple of lines about great coffee and basically be done. But that kind of attitude is one that has simply never been displayed by anyone working at Ristretto, so it would appear to be remiss of me to behave so dismissively in return. Yes, there is great coffee, there is exceptional coffee, of all tastes and blends. There is decaf for Buddhists, and there is a strange liquid called ‘tea’ that I believe is also quite popular, and comes in 30 types. There is chocolate, and mocha, and latte, and macchiato, and ristretto, and espresso, and Americano, and short blacks, and long whites, and... Well you get the idea. There is a huge amount of time securing the only fresh organic NON-UHT milk at shows in Portugal and Spain (one from a milk farmer who just happens to be personal friends with the owner). There is the organising of delicious and naughty pastries from London’s finest Jewish bakery. There is no upselling, only professionalism. There is no fear of anything other than the very best from the moment you pick up the phone, to the moment the beans that are specifically roasted for your event to ensure perfection are packed and shipped and then used at show. Then there are the Barista’s, who are so skilled, and so affable that they remember people’s names and orders 12 months after they last served them.

There are a kaleidoscope of reasons why Ristretto stand head and shoulders above other coffee suppliers, but the reason they’re the very best at what they do? They don’t lazily assume that having the best coffee is enough. Ristretto’s product is exceptional... But that’s just the very beginning of the story. I’m pretty sure that this current line I’m writing is the most redundant in history, but just in case I didn’t make it clear I love the Ristretto gang."

Chris Cutbush
European Marketing Events Manager, CR Bard

This is one of those rare occasions when it is an absolute pleasure to pay a bill. We all enjoyed the service you provided. We look forward to seeing you later this month.”

Bill McCabe
Broughton Gallery