Ristretto provides superb coffee at any event, including on exhibition stands.

Using La Marzocco espresso machines, Ristretto employs highly skilled professional baristas who produce exceptional quality coffee – including lattes, cappuccinos, and flat whites – at high volume with exemplary customer service.

Ristretto is a reliable and trusted coffee supplier, having provided coffee at events since 2004.

Some of our valued customers include:

Why Ristretto?

Ristretto is one of the original coffee event companies, providing coffee at events since 2004.

While there are a number of smaller companies providing coffee at events, none have our experience or depth of back up. Ristretto, however, has a stock of over 40 well-maintained and serviced professional espresso machines, and a team of London and UK-based staff and freelance baristas around the world.

Highly reliable and professional, with many years of experience, Ristretto provides coffee at over 200 events per year throughout the UK, Europe and further afield.


“I just wanted to say thanks very much to you, and particularly Sarah, who did an excellent job on site, for excellent support on our event.

Both clients and guests commented on how good the coffee service was and it kept all us lot going through some long days.

We are very much looking forward to working together with you again in the future.”

Joel Swarc, Promotor Events Ltd.

What sets Ristretto apart?

Our customers come back to us because we are organised, and because we go out of our way to ensure the client gets what they need out of an event.

Customer Service

Everything we do at Ristretto is designed to enhance your brand with excellent customer service – from the moment you contact us with your first enquiry, through to the booking and execution of your event. We now provide coffee at a huge range of events – making coffee for royalty, rock stars and corporate clients.

Passion for coffee
All the coffee we use is supplied by our own sister company, Alchemy Coffee.

Having started our coffee event business in 2004, the idea was always to provide the best possible coffee in a mobile environment.

We began roasting our own coffee in 2008, as we had struggled to get the consistent quality we really wanted.

We have provided coffee backstage to the artists at Glastonbury since 2005 – the list of the world’s most famous rock stars we’ve made coffee for gets longer every year!

Extra Services

Smoothies, Juices and Granitas

A healthy and refreshing alternative or addition to coffee – freshly prepared.

Freshly Baked

Have cookies baked fresh at your event. Available in three flavours. Smells amazing and will attract customers from far and wide.

Brew Bar

We can provide a range of some stunning single origin filter coffee from our roaster, Alchemy. A useful alternative to an espresso machine if steam or noise is an issue, e.g. at art galleries.


Frozen Yoghurt for your event. For the event above, we were asked to provide frozen yoghurt in our client’s corporate colours, which we were able to match.

Company Branding

Branded Cups

Branded cups are often requested for coffee events. Ristretto can provide printed 8oz and 4oz cups for hot drinks – and branded clear plastic cups for cold.

Napkins and Other Branding

Napkins and a huge range of items can be branded. All branding requires at least 2 weeks after client approval.


Stencils of your logo or another design can be produced so branding can appear on the coffee itself.

Branded Bars

Illuminated coffee bar with Harvey Nichols logo

Both illuminated and non-illuminated bars can carry your branding.

Our Custom Bars

Clients can provide their own bars or choose from Ristretto’s range of stylish, self-contained mobile coffee bars, purpose built for high-end espresso service.

All bars contain their own on-board water storage; water is pumped through a filter system to the espresso machine,
eliminating the need for a mains water connection and guaranteeing the highest quality of water.

Wooden Bars

Fully demountable wooden coffee bars, which can be taken apart and put together easily at events. Up to three coffee bars available. These are faced with planks of solid cherry, walnut and oak.

Compact design for exhibition stands.
Storage cupboard
1420mm wide x 950mm high x 750mm deep

Illuminated Bars

Each of the bars in the illuminated bar range light up in a choice of sixteen different colours to match your company’s branding.
These bars can be branded with your company’s logo – or with a full wrap-around custom adhesive.

Compact design for exhibition stands.
Requires a full 3KW 13Amp or 4KW 16 Amp connection.
RCD protected internal electrical distribution.
Coffee machine protection relay (protects machine if water runs out).
Internal pump and filter arrangement to ensure water quality.
Food grade water and waste tanks.
Storage cupboard
1500mm wide
950mm high
850mm deep

Art Deco Bar

Our curved Art Deco bars are made from stainless steel and glass, with sleek classic lines redolent of the twenties and thirties. The front panel of this bar can be branded.

Larger, luxury model bar.
Internal pump and filter arrangement to ensure water quality.
Coffee machine protection relay (protects machine if water runs out).
RCD protected internal electrical distribution.
Food grade water and waste tanks and inbuilt sink unit.
Storage cupboard
Requires a full 3KW 13Amp or 4KW 16 Amp connection.
2000mm wide
950mm high
950mm deep

Our coffee – Alchemy


Alchemy Coffee is now recognised as one of the UK’s highest quality roasteries, supplying cafés and restaurants throughout the UK and Europe, including Michelin star restaurants, the Dorchester’s specialty coffee shop and Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge.

Around 70% of Alchemy’s coffee is Direct Traded from partners in Central and South America. This allows us to ethically source some amazing coffees at very good prices – always far in excess of the Fairtrade price for coffee well above the quality level possible under Fairtrade agreements – with partners who we return year on year.

Our coffee is hand roasted in Southwest London on an 85-year old reconditioned coffee roaster which gives the best of both worlds– the stability of the older machines –but fully controllable and measurable with modern temperature probes and control and monitoring systems.

Each roast is crafted to bring out the inherent flavours of that particular coffee and region.

For further information on Alchemy Coffee, see www.alchemycoffee.co.uk