Ristretto can provide coffee at any event, including on exhibition stands.

Ristretto employs only the most highly skilled professional baristas, trained to produce exceptional quality coffee at high volume with exemplary customer service. Our baristas come professionally attired in black collared shirts, black trousers and shoes, but can wear any uniform required. Ristretto baristas have provided a range of services to clients, including multi-national coffee companies.

Why Ristretto?

Ristretto is one of the original coffee event companies, providing coffee at events since 2004.

While there are a number of smaller companies providing coffee at events, none have our experience or depth of back up. Ristretto, however, has a stock of over 50 well-maintained and serviced professional espresso machines available, and a team of full-time London based staff and freelance baristas around the world.

Highly reliable and professional, with over 11 years’ experience, Ristretto provides coffee at over 300 events per year throughout the UK, Europe and further afield.